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Pennsylvania’s most experienced and time-tested limo providing services Company welcomes you!  We are more than happy to offer you great impeccable limousine transportation for any occasion required. If it is a Wedding, Prom, Birthday or other anniversary coming up then a limo can add that extra touch of elegance and sic, and if it’s a limousine from Papromlimoservice.com Company then the success of your event is guarantied 100%.

With several offices in different states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Miami, South Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Philadelphia and of course Pennsylvania, our company is surely the limo provider that you were looking for. We put heart in what we do; due we trust that a happy customer is the best advertising ever. Also, a happy customer will come back again and again, just because with Papromlimoservice.com Company he can truly feel special and understood.



As mentioned above, Papromlimoservice.com Company has a wide grid of offices located all overAmerica. We provide a large variety of sedan cars, stretched limousines, SUV limos and even party busses that can service any of your next special occasions. Prom, Wedding, Birthday, Business trip, Airport transfer, Super Bowl Limo or any other – with us you can get rid of a lot of transportation problems, just because we are fast, trustworthy, qualified and do it best.

For more then 10 years we offer you that bit of elegance, glamour and extravagance with our beautiful limousines. Papromlimoservice.com Company has invented, developed and improved to a 100% quality system that works as a clock and makes each and every our customer satisfied. We took care about the smallest detail in a large mechanism, so that nothing can overshadow your event.

Starting from a new, constantly upgraded limo fleet that contains exceptional models like Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, Range Rover limousines, unique Hummer Double Decker and Hummer Dual Axle Transformer limo and classic sedans like Lincoln Town, Mercedes S-Class and Rolls Royce with capacity to up to 36 passengers – it is more than certain that you can find the ride of your dreams.

Another element from the chain that helps the system work great is a well-trained and experienced personnel. Friendly dispatchers, just and honest managers and - most important – professional drivers, that will get you at the required destination on time, safe and fast, with no troubles on the road, no concerns and no stress. It is simply a pleasure to do business with us, trust our word! You just call and name a date, and that’s it! Our operator saves information into the system for a quicker and more operative reservation; so that next time you call there will be no need to waste time repeating all the information over again. We come to the scheduled pick up address 5 minutes earlier and always knowing exactly how to get you to the final destination the fastest possible way. The GPS data tracking system installed absolutely on each vehicle helps us to avoid blocked roads and traffic, and you to have a shorter and more pleasant ride.

Predicting the customer’s desires and swishes has helped Papromlimoservice.com Company  improve its service to the highest level. Yes, misunderstandings do happen, sometimes it is the human factor that makes mistakes, sometimes the technical leads to errors, but we have learned to resolve situations before they even happen, all for your safety and comfort.

Returning to the primary thought regarding our perfectly created system, the most important thing that makes it work so good is perhaps the fact that all the services provided by our company were divided into several sectors, so that each and every employee has his own tasks to take care of. We have created a Wedding sector, Prom sector, Birthday sector, Business sector – where all kind of trips and transfer trips are included, Leisure and Fun sector – where we can provide transportation for sports events, concert rides and many others. In the following we will give you some more details why you should chose specifically Papromlimoservice.com Company  as a limo provider for your special occasion. 


The business sector is one that each and every Pennsylvania resident business man should know about. For those who travel a lot we can provide a personal assigned driver that will take you anywhere, anytime. For those who fly a lot we can provide qualitative airport transportation. If you are one of those then you are familiar with the airport hassle that international airports have to offer: driving to the airport, parking and dragging your luggage is already enough for a reason to forget about that and start using an airport shuttle service from Papromlimoservice.com Company . You buy a ticket and provide little information about the date to us, and that’s it! At the right time we come and pick you up and drive you to the necessary terminal in style and without any stress. If you have several meeting in the same city that you can use our hourly service. This is a right way to organise your schedule and arrive at a meeting calm and full of energy. And now the cherry from the top of the cake is: you can create a corporate account for yourself and your business partners/colleagues and pay for the trips once a month/ semester or any other period of time.

The Wedding sector of Papromlimoservice.com Company  is real treasure for the future bride and groom. Not only that they can find the limo of their dreams, one that will appear on the photos and immortalise the beautiful moments, but also they can count on elite transportation for all their family members and relatives from out the city. Normally we offer a wide variety of shapes, brands and models for your perfect wedding day, that come as a basic in white color, but if you are a adept of a more innovative and modern wedding, then in our fleet you should find some unique limos painted in pink, black and metallic gray. The wedding packages are tailored so they fit both your taste and pocket, so that nothing can’t overshadow the miraculous day of your marriage. 

The Prom sector is perhaps one of the most important. Teens all over Pennsylvania start looking for prom transportation long before the big date, and  Papromlimoservice.com Company  is here to give the a hand of help. Ahead booking is a way of saving money and getting exactly the requested limousine, and we do have a large variety of those. From black to white and even pink cars are here to take you to your party and after to your after prom location. Parent can count on our company to deliver their kids at home safe and full of unforgettable memories, because as many other days in someone’s life – the prom only happens once. With seating capacity from 6 to36 passengers it is guarantied to have the best time in one of our Hummer or Escalade limousines. Not only that you will have the possibility to enjoy these moments of happiness near your so beloved friends, but also the splitted cost of the trip will be insignificantly low and extremely intriguing. There is no better time to bock a limo then now, so consider doing it in order to get a very attractive price and the choice of any limo available.

The favorite color for the Birthday sector is definitely pink. The Sweet 16 Party is one of the most important days in every girl’s heart. A successful party for the celebration can leave a deep mark of happiness in your soul and when pink is a must in makeup, dresses and style than the limo that will take you where required should not be another color. Pink Hummer limo or Pink Caddilac Escalade Limousines – both tailored with incredible good taste offer you the ride of your life! While you being the celebrated one, you will have to compete only with one of these two gorgeous limousines for the designation “Best look of the evening”. Your friends will envy you so much.

The Leisure and Fun sector is probably the largest when talking about occasions and possibilities, due it service Concerts, Super Bowl or other sport events, Nights out, Wine Tours, City-to-city trips, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and many others, name them only and we will provide you elite transportation. With Papromlimoservice.com Company  you are never limited in space or time. Our company is a 24/7/365 limo provider and we drive far beyond Pennsylvania’s borders. Even if you want to have a trip to a New York or Atlantic City casino, we can put at your service a professional driver that will choose the best way of getting to your destination, and will entertain you with the limos amenities available inside each and every limo that we posses in our fleet.

There are so many fun and interesting features that our limos have to offer you. Basically, some of our limos are rolling 40 feet nightclubs on wheels( exception are only the Lincoln Town Sedan Cars), equipped with high class leather seating area, Liquid Crystal Display screens, CD and DVD players, illuminated bar fully supplied with glasses and refreshments, mirrored sealing, Fiber-optic lights and Neon lamps and a great stereo system.

The most important thing when it comes to Papromlimoservice.com Company  is the fact that our clients’ satisfaction comes first no matter what. We always put soul in what we do, and maybe because of that we can proudly say that we do have an unspotted reputation that was gained through years and we are more than motivated to keep it this way.

Choose Papromlimoservice.com Company and your will not regret the time spent. 



                                                         610 - 886 - 4170



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  Unique Yellow Hummer H2!

This is one of a kind opportunity! Try our Brand New Hummer H2 Yellow!!! Perfect for Prom, Night out, Bachelorette Party and many other occasions! This limo can add a note of Craziness to each and every one of you! 

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